World-renowned economist in Australia

In academia, Thomas Piketty is a world-leading thinker, bestselling author, professor at the prestigious École des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales and professor at the Paris School of Economics.

In the media, however, Piketty is a “rockstar economist” (Financial Times) and “the Beyoncé of celebrity economists” (The Sydney Morning Herald).

Piketty exploded onto the bestseller lists with a 700-page tome titled Capital in the 21st Century, hailed by The Economist as not only a “blockbuster analysis of wealth and income distribution” but a publishing sensation.

Piketty’s academic outline of the evolution of inequality unleashed worldwide public reaction, with millions of copies sold world-wide in several languages.

Analysing data from 20 countries – ranging as far back as the 18th century – Piketty uncovers key economic and social patterns to support his key thesis: that political intervention is required to curb a dangerous inequality driven by returns on capital exceeding the rate of broader economic growth.

“Monash Business School has an enormous reputation internationally in my field of economics. I have strong professional connections with Monash researchers and was delighted to be invited to visit. Monash has a culture of questioning the answers that aligns perfectly with my work. Inequality is not an answer that we should accept, when so many other answers are possible,” Professor Picketty said.

Professor Colm Kearney, Dean of Monash Business School, said Monash was delighted to welcome world-renowned economist, Professor Piketty, to Melbourne.

“Professor Piketty’s work has such relevance to our times that it has transcended academic circles and speaks directly to mainstream audiences everywhere. We are proud to host a public discussion underpinned by rigorous research of the very highest calibre on the economics of inequality. This is core to Monash Business School’s mission to have a positive impact on a changing world.”

Thomas Piketty is in Australia at the invitation of Monash University and Sydney Opera House to present talks in Melbourne and Sydney.

What: Thomas Piketty: Reflections on inequality and capital in the 21st century
When: Friday 28 October, 6.00pm
Where: Melbourne Town Hall
Tickets: Free
Duration: 75 minutes
More info: this event is now sold out