Australia-China Joint Research Centre in Future Dairy Manufacturing - Cheese symposium

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17 October 2018 at 9:00 am – 19 October 2018 at 5:00 pm
Beijing, China
$250 incl. GST (ACJRC member); $ 350 incl. GST (Non-ACJRC partner - Dairy Partner)
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The Australia-China Joint Research Centre (ACJRC) in Future Dairy Manufacturing at Monash University is a virtual centre that links Australian and Chinese research institutions in conducting a portfolio of research-related activities in the field of dairy manufacturing. The centre focuses on seeking engineering solutions to practical problems in the dairy manufacturing sector. The centre is also promoting the culture of enjoying great dairy products.

About the event

The 2nd Joint Symposium, with the focus on the latest research and development in cheese, will be hosted by our industry partner, China National Cereals, Oils and Foodstuffs Corporation (COFCO). The co-organisers include Soochow University in China, Mengniu Dairy, INRA – Europe’s top agricultural research institute in France, and Monash University in Australia.

The two-day event will be based at COFCO NHRI (Nutrition and Health Research Institute), the research centre of COFCO. The event includes a technical symposium, showcasing advanced capabilities and innovative dairy technologies for industry to utilise and co-develop into high-value, high-tech applications.

The technical talks will be delivered by cheese experts from INRA and other countries. The symposium also includes a “Cheese Exhibition” and a “Wine Tasting” session as well as an exclusive tour of COFCO NHRI. Following the symposium, the attendees are invited to visit Mengniu Dairy, one of the top dairy companies in China and in the top ten globally, at their largest manufacturing site and R&D centre in Hohhot or to the yoghurt manufacturing site in Beijing.


$250 incl. GST (ACJRC member)
$350 incl. GST (Non-ACJRC partner - Dairy Partner)

Benefits to industry participants

  • Exhibit and tell the stories of your cheese products at COFCO Nutrition & Health Research Institute in the city of Beijing, the capital and Tier 1 city of China.
  • Expose your brands in China via channels such as the COFCO’s official Wechat channel.
  • Obtain knowledge of the latest technologies in the cheese field.
  • Network with some of the largest dairy operators in China.
  • Opportunities to obtain direct information of the cheese preferences of Chinese consumers during the Cheese and Wine Tasting sessions.
  • Over 100 attendees from industry, food service, food retails, and distributors from China, R & D staff, researchers and students.
  • Cheese experts and exhibitors from Australia, China, France, and potentially from other countries.
  • An exclusive tour of the COFCO NHRI including Consumer Insight & Marketing, Processing & Application, Food Quality & Safety, and Nutrition & Metabolism Centres.
  • Potential visits (day-trip from Beijing) to dairy companies owned or jointly owned by COFCO.

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Symposium agenda

Wed, 17 Oct 2018 Thurs, 18 Oct 2018 Fri 19 Oct 2018



Welcome Reception

Technical  symposium with exhibition booth and posters

Government panel discussion and industry panel discussion

Conference Dinner

Site visit to Mengniu Dairy (optional)

Option 1: Beijing Tongzhou Yoghurt Site

Option 2: Hohhot Mengniu R&D Centre and Mengniu’s largest manufacturing site

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