Re-imagining health education

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23 November 2020 at 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm
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Governments and other organisations often call upon health education as a key platform to improve the health and wellbeing of children and youth, marginalised groups, and the community. While health education has long been a school subject area and an important element in public health and health promotion campaigns, it often fails to achieve its intended goals. Health education is usually marked by a failure to resist the tides of neoliberalism, a failure to be culturally relevant, a failure to promote systemic change and a failure to achieve its stated ends. These ongoing challenges compel us to critically rethink health education, its assumptions and practices.

Join us as we explicitly consider the task of transforming health education. You will have the opportunity to hear from an interdisciplinary panel of leading scholars as they explore new ways of working, teaching, and learning in health education while responding to the following provocations:

What are the current major challenges facing health education?

  • What can we make of health education’s intentions and tactics?
  • What does it mean to bring interdisciplinarity to the table, what does it offer and what challenges does it pose?
  • How might we involve people and communities through participatory approaches to health education?
  • Is there a need to explore new spaces for health education?
  • How well placed are we to realise new ambitions for health education and what kind of workforce do we need?

Our series of Global Critical Conversations welcomes a line-up of distinguished scholars, educators and industry representatives to share their insights and engage in dialogue focusing on the Monash Education Research priorities.

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