Unsettlement: international group exhibition at MUMA

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28 April 2018 at 12:00 am – 7 July 2018 at 12:00 am
Monash University Museum of Art | MUMA
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Alumni; Art, Design and Architecture; Caulfield campus; Conferences & Exhibitions; Other events; General


Unsettlement is an international group exhibition that explores the ways that power manifests through architecture and in the built environment that surrounds us. The artworks presented register the material force and histories of architecture, and encourage a productive sense of upheaval and re-appraisal. 

‘Unsettlement’ is conceived as both a contemporary condition – in which our claim to the spaces we occupy is increasingly precarious – and a strategy for artistic, social and political engagement. From subtle gestures of reclamation to more radical remodelling, the works in Unsettlement strive to confuse architecture’s functionality, undermine its authority or explode its mythologies. In doing so, they make visible the power dynamics and infrastructures shaping our world.

The exhibition features artists from Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, United States of America, Italy, Iraq, Slovenia and Australia. Encompassing a diverse range of media, including moving image, photography, installation and performance, the works in Unsettlement engage with specific architectural forms and histories in distinct local contexts. A preoccupation with a number of defining characteristics of our contemporary condition emerge across the exhibition; namely the effects of accelerating globalisation and mass urbanisation, the legacies of colonial occupation across the world, and the control enacted by state and economic infrastructures.

MUMA Director and co-curator Charlotte Day explains: “Architecture provides a tangible, physical form to the amorphous forces that shape our lives. It gives us a concrete starting point to address the histories, as well as the current-day economic and political influences, that define the world we inhabit.”

The exhibition will run 28 April – 7 July 2018. Join us for the opening function on Wednesday 2nd May, 6 – 8pm at MUMA. MUMA exhibitions are always free.

Alicia Renew
Monash University Museum of Art