Berwick campus FAQs

Monash University will cease teaching at the Berwick campus by the end of 2017. If you are a current student, you have the option of continuing your course at either the Clayton or Peninsula campus.

Q. What will happen at the Berwick campus?
A. Following a competitive process, Monash announced that Federation University Australia was selected by Monash as the preferred university to provide ongoing higher education opportunities at the Berwick campus.

Monash believes that another university offering a different range of courses with different entry requirements in Melbourne’s south-east corridor provides more choice for the local community. Monash will continue to offer courses at its Caulfield, Clayton, Parkville and Peninsula campuses. Find out more about Federation University Australia's plans to offer courses at Berwick in 2017.

Q. Why has Monash University decided to cease teaching at the campus?
A. This is not a decision that we have taken lightly. However, despite our efforts to develop the Berwick campus and offer high quality education over the past 20 years, enrolments at the campus have remained low, and insufficient to provide the desired experience for our students.

Q. What will happen to students currently studying at Berwick or those who have received an offer?
A. All Monash students currently studying at Berwick, or who have received and accepted an offer to study there, will be offered an equivalent place at an alternative Monash campus. They will be taught by Monash staff and, subject to meeting the normal academic requirements, will graduate with a Monash degree.

Q. I’m a current student at Berwick, when will my course move to another campus?
A. All current students at Berwick should have been contacted already by their faculty to discuss in detail how the changes will affect them.  If you haven’t, please contact your lecturer or faculty manager as soon as possible.

This table explains the transition plan for the changes:

    Remain at Berwick Campus Move to Peninsula Campus Move to Clayton Campus
2017 Faculty of Education
  • All final year (year 4) undergraduates
  • All final year Master of Teaching students

All commencing (year 1) students enrolled in:

  • Master of Teaching in Primary Education
  • Bachelor of Education (Honours) in Early Years and Primary Education
  • Diploma of Tertiary Studies (DOTS) - Business Administration Stream

All other continuing students will come to Clayton. These are 2016 Berwick Year 1 and 2 students who will become 2017 Year 2 & 3 students enrolled in the:

  • Bachelor of Education (Honours) in Primary and Secondary Education
  • Bachelor of Education (Honours) in Inclusive Primary and Secondary Education
  • Bachelor of Education (Honours) in Early Years and Primary Education

All commencing students (year 1) enrolled in:

  • Master of Teaching in Primary and Secondary Education offered in both standard (2 years) and accelerated mode (18mths)
  • Bachelor of Education (Honours) in Primary and Secondary Education
  • Bachelor of Education (Honours) in Inclusive Primary and Secondary Education
  • Diploma of Tertiary Studies (DOTS) – Education Stream implemented through a new Education stream in DoHE.
2018 Monash Business School  All students enrolled in years 2 and 3 of the Bachelor of Business Administration

All commencing (year 1) students enrolled in:

  • Bachelor of Business Administration
Education Faculty NO TEACHING AT BERWICK CAMPUS All students enrolled in years 1,2,3 of the Bachelor of Business Administration  
 All ongoing students transferred to follow enrolment location as per above.

Q: What will happen to the Peninsula campus, what is the plan for it?
A. Peninsula is a popular Monash campus and Monash has announced plans to develop and grow its presence there even further. A new strategic plan has been released by the Vice-Chancellor and a campus masterplan for the Peninsula campus will be released soon.

Q. What impact will the Berwick campus closure have on Nossal High School?
A. None. Monash values the current partnership with Nossal High School and will continue to support it.

Q. What impact will it have on the GP Super Clinic on the Campus?
A.  There is no change planned to our existing partnership arrangements with the GP Super Clinic.

Q. Will the arrangements be the same as with the Gippsland campus closure?
A. No. At Gippsland, a teaching agreement was required with the new university so that Monash students could complete their studies at the campus. At Berwick, this will not be necessary as all Monash students will continue to be taught by Monash staff, albeit at a different Monash campus.

Q. What will happen to Monash Berwick Alumni?
A. If you have a Monash degree or diploma, you are automatically part of the global community of Monash University alumni. You do not need to join or register. You will continue to enjoy all alumni benefits including alumni events, activities and contacts.

Q. Will I be taught by staff from another university?
A. No, whether you remain at Berwick in 2017 or move to another Monash campus, you will continue to be supported and educated by Monash staff.

Q. Will I continue to receive student services and support at Berwick?
A. Yes, you will continue to have access to these services throughout the transition period.

Q. Will I still receive a Monash degree?
A. Yes, subject to meeting the course completion requirements.

Q. If I have to move to another campus, what are my transport options?
A. Further updates on transport options will be provided in 2017, including information on bus linkages and car parking. Students and staff should refer to transport and parking for campus updates.

Q. I currently have student accommodation at the Berwick campus, what happens now?
A. Monash Residential Services will continue to provide a high quality student residential experience at the Berwick Campus in 2017, so you can continue staying there. Alternatively, you can choose to transfer to either Clayton or Peninsula accommodation depending on the location of your course in 2017. Returning residents can re-apply for accommodation on the MRS website.

Q. What if I have a hardship claim?
A. If there are specific issues around your proposed transfer to a particular campus, the University will reasonably review your claim on a case-by-case basis.

Q. What will happen to the Monash Union of Berwick Students (MUBS)?
A. Monash will work with the MUBS to ensure that whilst any Monash students remain on the Berwick campus they will continue to be represented and supported.

Q. I’m an international student and I am concerned about my ability to complete my qualification and not be in breach of my Visa conditions.
A. We are mindful of minimising the impact of the transition on all students, particularly our international students. The transition arrangements put in place will enable you to complete your studies without being in breach of visa conditions.

Q. As a PhD student, will I lose access to my PhD supervisor?
A. You should transfer to the same campus as your supervisor. Your faculty and PhD supervisor will be in contact with you to discuss your individual situation.

Q. Will students who remain at the Berwick campus during any teach-out period still have the same quality of teaching?
A. Yes, Monash will continue to provide the current teaching program.

Q. When courses are moved to another campus, will I be impacted by timetable changes?
A. The University’s timetable changes each year regardless which campus you are at. But we will pay particular attention to the needs of Berwick students during the transition to minimise inconvenience.