Hack a new idea

Get ready to spark new ideas at the GENERATOR’s 27-hour hack event - the 2017 IDEATOR. Our second annual IDEATOR event focusses on innovating the future of energy, jobs and food.

To do this, we’re calling bright minds from across the University to join us on May 29-30 at Monash City Campus to work in diverse teams and hack the future.

Gain confidence in thinking entrepreneurially, work in cross-disciplinary teams, learn from experts and network with others interested in and involved with entrepreneurship.

Kicking off with an ideation session, our thought leaders will stage the trends and challenges in each space, providing you with a canvas for ideas flow.

Over the two days, you’ll work together to develop and test impactful ideas, apply lean business practises to build your ideas, learn pitching skills at hosted workshops and tap into to coaches to keep you on track.

At the 27-hour mark, 15 teams will pitch their idea to a panel of judges. Winners will receive funding and awards to help them take the next step in exploring the potential of their project.

Our goal at the GENERATOR is to encourage and support entrepreneurial success at Monash. This event will you a taste of entrepreneurship, filled with plenty of energy and a lot of fun.

All GENERATOR programs are open to current professional and academic staff as well as all undergraduate and postgraduate students

Further details and registration information can be found at monash.edu/ideator