Looking after your health on campus

looking after your health on campusAt Monash, we provide a wide range of health services to students and staff across our campuses, from GP consultations to counselling, nutritition and dental services.

Our on-campus health services are designed to make it convenient for staff and students to access healthcare when they need it.

A team of qualified professional health care providers staff the University Health Service, including a team of of GPs who work across our Clayton, Caulfied and Peninsula campuses.

Our medical clinics are open from 9am to 5pm weekdays. Bring your Monash ID card and receive a discounted private fee for staff.

Qualified practitioners are also available on-campus for counselling and psychology services.

Alernatively, staff can access free (off-campus) counselling of up to six sessions via the Employee Assistance Program.

Expert nutrition services by accredited practising dietitians are also available to staff and students through the University Health Service.

Our dieticians can help meet your nutrition requirements and optimise your health by providing a thorough diet assessment, medical nutrition therapy, individualised and tailored meal plans and provide advice on a range of conditions, from heart disease and diabetes to food allergies and fertility.

Our dental clinic at Clayton campus is also open from 8.45am to 4:30pm weekdays.

For more information about these services and more, please visit the University Health Services website.