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Is The Bachelor anti-feminist, or is conventional heterosexual romance the real problem?

The Bachelor attracts widespread criticism for being old-fashioned, anti-feminist, and humiliating to women.

Arts & culture

Ethicist, Professor Rob Sparrow, comments on the rise of Artificial Intelligence

Monash University ethicist, Professor Rob Sparrow, appears on ABC Lateline to discuss the implication of the rise of Artificial Intelligence.

Arts & culture

Christiane Barro wins Walkley for Student of the Year

Monash University journalism student Christiane Barro won the Walkley Award for student journalist of the year in Sydney last night.

Arts & culture

Monash node part of $46M national research centre to explore Australia’s deep history for our future

The world’s oldest living culture and Australia’s unique environmental history are the focus of a new national research centre, with Monash University taking a leading role in Victoria

Arts & culture

Exploring ethical futures through the dark lens of dystopia

More than simply a thought-provoking genre of literature, the dark creations of writers of dystopian fiction give us the opportunity to reflect on the present and the future.

Arts & culture

Why exploitation and corruption continue to dog Australia’s VET sector

By Peter Hurley. Australia’s VET system has been in an uphill battle with reforms that have led to lower-quality training and misappropriation of resources. Joe Castro/AAP. Victoria’s Independent Broad-based Anti-corruption Commission (IBAC) is

Arts & culture

Census 2016 shows Australia’s changing religious profile, with more ‘nones’ than Catholics

Every five years the census asks Australians: “What is your religion?”. Ten tick-box responses are provided, along with the option to write in some other response.

Arts & culture

Why is there so little space for women in jazz music?

Female singers from Nina Simone to Kate Ceberano are some of the most recognisable and celebrated jazz performers. Yet across the Australian jazz industry, women are disturbingly under-represented.

Arts & culture