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Leishmania test 2

Monash-led collaboration lands A$1 million to tackle deadly disease

A coalition of researchers from Monash University, the University of Melbourne and The Indian Institute of Chemical Biology has been awarded A$1 million in research funding to develop a new treatment for the disease Leishmaniasis.

Medicine & health

Dangerous dreams: new Monash research reveals the health consequences of children’s snoring

New research from Monash University – that will continue to be undertaken at the newly opened Monash Children’s Hospital - reveals this snoring is not harmless but may have long term cardiovascular, neurocognitive and behavioural implications.

Medicine & health

Mimotopes update

Monash rejects Mimotopes’ assertion it is being evicted due to “administrative oversight”.

University news

Monash Led Study Finds Australian Women Look 20+ Years Older Compared to Rest of the World

Australia is a sunburnt country, and Australians have an international reputation for having not only some of the highest melanoma rates but also the fastest ageing facial skin, according to a new Monash led study.

Medicine & health
Amy Winship

Monash Researcher Recognised for Potential Treatment for Preeclampsia and Uterine Cancer

Groundbreaking research by a Monash University PhD student has been recognised with a Highly Commended award at last night’s Premier’s Award for Health and Medical Research.

Medicine & health
Ultra marathon runners

Ultra runners not your average human being

Researchers at Monash University seeking to discover why ultra-runners can endure prolonged and extreme physical exertion have found a vital clue – these athletes may experience less pain than the general population.

Medicine & health
Compensation article

Road accident victims' recovery slower when seeking compensation: study finds

For the 66,000 Australians injured in a motor vehicle crash each year the path to recovery can be slow. However new research from Monash University has found engagement with the road accident compensation system can make recovery even slower.

Medicine & health

New research exposes an evolutionary arms race – virus vs. host

Monash University scientists have solved a 40-year old mystery and shed light on an evolutionary arms race played out between cytomegalovirus (CMV) and the immune system.

Medicine & health