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gut health

Gut health: Investigating the role a high-fibre diet can play in controlling high blood pressure

Research is looking at the role a high-fibre diet can play in reducing hypertension.


Should Australia be investing in nuclear energy?

Is nuclear energy the right technology for the transitioning Australian energy market?


ACL injury 'epidemic': research reveals repetition's role in breakdown

New research shows that, rather than single-force events, most ACL injuries are the result of continued-use damage that hasn’t repaired quickly enough.


Koos control: The man who made the Apollo 11 Moon landing possible

Ultimately, the most famous step in history may never have been taken if it wasn’t for a mission simulation 15 days earlier.


The evolution of mothers and babies in our earliest ancestors

A new study reveals the lives of human ancestors who died millions of years ago.

global healthcare

Preparing the health sector for the global climate emergency

Work is under way on how to best teach our future health workforce about environmental sustainability and its impacts.

aged care pills

Aged care royal commission: medication management and pill regimes in the spotlight

Sixty-three per cent of Australian aged care residents take at least nine different medications regularly.

MOYJIL - Why is this a special Place

Moyjil mystery: Victorian site could force a 120,000-year rethink on Australian history

A Victorian site could hold the key to proving people lived in Australia 120,000 years ago, twice as long as first thought.


Rise of the “social media teacher”: the ups and downs of being ‘edu-famous’

Social media is increasingly playing a role in teachers' professional lives – but there are downsides.