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Keeping our aged citizens safe from ‘superbug’ attacks

Failing to contain ‘superbugs’ across nursing homes can have serious consequences, with the elderly highly vulnerable to deadly illness. A new national trial aiming to address this major health problem has received $2.3 million in

Medicine & health
Monash University news

Opioid epidemic has reached Australia: study

Monash University research has found that 1.9 million Australian adults begin taking prescription opioids every year.

Medicine & health

Genetic analysis follows landmark aspirin trial

Monash University is expanding on its landmark aspirin trial,  Medicine & health

Melissa Southey at Monash University

Monash to lead a new generation of biological research with the launch of Biobanking Victoria

Biobanking Victoria at Monash University will change the way researchers can translate discoveries into practice at hospitals and via clinical trials.

Medicine & health

Clues to the link between obesity and liver cancer

New research from a team led by Professor Tony Tiganis, from the  Medicine & health

Breaking first ground on groundbreaking new heart hospital at Monash

Works begin on the new $543 million Victorian Heart Hospital

University news

Real-time health monitoring more than just skin deep

Researchers at Monash University have created a wearable electronic skin that can provide real-time health monitoring.

Engineering & technology