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Leading Australian railing research institute to collaborate with International Union of Railways

Monash University's Institute of Railway Technology has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the International Union of Railways to advance railway research and technological advancement.

Industry & partnerships

Meat beefs up men's sexual motivation: study

New research by Monash University shows the humble cut of red meat could help men achieve their dating goals.


Fulbright scholar aiming for personalised treatment for cerebral palsy

Associate Professor Michael Fahey from Monash University’s School of Clinical Sciences at Monash Health (SCS), has been awarded a prestigious Fulbright scholarship to better understand the neurology and genetics in people affected by

University news

Disgusting or delicious? The case for rethinking food choices

Anyone for rotten shark? Fried tarantula? When it comes to food choices, one person's disgusting is another's delicacy.


The natural science behind applied behaviour analysis

The natural science approach of ABA has applications far beyond treating autism.


Global recognition for life-changing water initiatives

Professor Tony Wong has received the 2018 IWA Global Water Award for an initiative that provided urban water security to millions of people internationally.

Engineering & technology
Food waste, waste vegetables

Turning food waste into sustainable profit

We love our food, but waste an extraordinary amount of it. Now, research is looking at how repurposing this waste food biomass can be turned into profit.


Twice around the block for Malaysian luminary

Life has come full circle for Malaysian professor and nation-building advocate Mahendhiran Nair.


Research makes significant headway towards healthcare improvement

The program of research and education led by Professor Skouteris and Professor Kirkpatrick, under the Alliance, is building enduring partnerships that will have significant impact on the communities we serve. The collaborative program of

Medicine & health