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Monash University boosts ties with Asia-Pacific and Germany at international conference

Monash University is set to further strengthen its industry and government partnerships in the Asia Pacific and Germany, and engage with potential new partners, at an international conference in Perth.

University news

How to engineer a plebiscite disaster: lessons from the Tasmanian dams vote

There is an old saying that those who don’t learn from history’s mistakes are bound to repeat them. One wonders if Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull recalls the name of Doug Lowe, for Turnbull’s marriage equality postal plebiscite is on the cusp


Bernardi exits stage right: mayhem now, obscurity later

Whether it be due to hubris, courage or vanity, South Australian senator Cory Bernardi has decided to forsake the Liberal Party under whose auspices his political career had been nourished.


Turnbull makes a good start on expenses, but needs to go further

It is regrettable that the path leading to the establishment of an independent body to oversee the work-related expenses of parliamentarians has been so tortuous.


Brexit, Trump and the TPP mean Australia should pursue more bilateral trade agreements

Brexit, Trump’s protectionist agenda and the debacle of getting everyone to ratify the unpopular Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) are all a global trend towards bilateral trade agreements.

BDI launch

Prime Minister opens Monash Biomedicine Discovery Institute

Monash University’s Biomedicine Discovery Institute (BDI)  was officially opened today by Prime Minister the Hon. Malcolm Turnbull MP.

Medicine & health
Gennadi Kazakevitch

Viewpoints: do foreigners have more freedom to invest in Australia than in almost any other country?

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull recently said:“China has more freedom to invest in Australia, indeed all foreigners have more freedom to invest in Australia, than almost any other country.”


The new Senate looms as a serious problem for a damaged Malcolm Turnbull

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and his Liberal colleagues have had a very poor election. The result in the Senate only confirms just how bad the 2016 contest was for the Coalition.