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Active sleep is more than just counting sheep

New research by neuroscientists at Monash University shows that the sleeping brain has the capacity to encode important pieces of information - even though the body is resting.


Building more roads will not solve our transport crisis

As Melbourne's population continues to grow, building more roads isn't the answer to its transport woes.


Lombok quakes not necessarily leading to a big bang

While alarming, the recent sequence of earthquakes in Indonesia isn't necessarily leading to a large-scale eruption.


Monash University welcomes transformational heavy rail and campus station

The transformational Monash rail line and station at Clayton campus will create a vital link for the thousands that visit Monash each day.

University news

2018 federal budget: Turnbull Government all talk, no action on family violence

The Turnbull government's budget has failed to match its expressed desire to take violence against women seriously.


Melbourne public transport – what are the long-term solutions?

Victoria has been allocated almost $7.8 billion for public transport infrastructure in the federal budget. But what are the long-term solutions?


Are public transport plans for Monash and Tullamarine airport on track?

The long-touted links to Tullamarine and Monash have again been revived, but questions remain over the plans.


Dr Michael Kirby delivers this year's Richard Larkins Oration

Monash University’s annual Richard Larkins Oration in Melbourne was at the Myer Mural Hall on Wednesday, 4 October 2017. Representatives of business, government, industry, alumni and University supporters attended this prestigious event to

University news

Light detector to revolutionise night vision technology

Researchers have developed a light detector that could revolutionise chemical sensing and night vision technology. In the latest issue of Nature Nanotechnology, the team of researchers at Monash University,...