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Designing future cities: using technology to put people first

The challenge of providing appropriate care to an ageing population means the rate of technological innovation needs to be stepped up.


How to get more people to use public transport and reduce overcrowding

We know overcrowded public transport is a major deterrent to using it, but a Monash lab is working to change that.


Active sleep is more than just counting sheep

New research by neuroscientists at Monash University shows that the sleeping brain has the capacity to encode important pieces of information - even though the body is resting.

automated cars

Autonomous cars are the future of transport? Don't believe the hype

Don't believe the hype when it comes to reports that driverless cars are the answer to our traffic problems.


Building more roads will not solve our transport crisis

As Melbourne's population continues to grow, building more roads isn't the answer to its transport woes.


US and North Korea – for the President, nothing trumps Trump

The US President's actions show he's more concerned with stroking his ego than pursuing his nation's best interests.


On a mission – 'Mood' apps to combat depression

Two smartphone apps are designed to serve as a 'safety net' for those struggling with anxiety or depression.


Melbourne public transport – what are the long-term solutions?

Victoria has been allocated almost $7.8 billion for public transport infrastructure in the federal budget. But what are the long-term solutions?


Monash University welcomes commitment on heavy rail linking Caulfield and Clayton

Monash University today welcomed the Federal Government’s Budget announcement of  $475 million to build a rail line linking the Caulfield and Clayton campuses.

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