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Drug decriminalisation: time is right for action on UN commitment

In the wake of the UN's groundbreaking drug policy commitment, the time is right for drug laws reform.


Death knell: taking a stand to abolish capital punishment

A new institute is leading the push to eliminate the 'faulty' justice of the death penalty.

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Are we returning AFL players too early from concussion?

A world-first neurological study has found that many athletes are returning to play too soon after suffering concussion.


Behaviour of social media fanatics similar to drug users, gamblers

A new study into social media has raised awareness about the hidden mental health traps affecting young users online.

Medicine & health

Genetic analysis follows landmark aspirin trial

Monash University is expanding on its landmark aspirin trial,  Medicine & health

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Stem cell treatment hope for babies with chronic lung disease

An innovative stem cell trial offers hope in treating premature babies born with chronic lung disease.

Melissa Southey at Monash University

Monash to lead a new generation of biological research with the launch of Biobanking Victoria

Biobanking Victoria at Monash University will change the way researchers can translate discoveries into practice at hospitals and via clinical trials.

Medicine & health

The drug that can put some cancer cells to sleep

Instead of killing the disease – as chemotherapy and radiotherapy do – a new and “lateral” approach to treatment shows great promise.