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Metaphors be with you: what Reagan’s Star Wars tells us about Trump’s wall

President Trump’s proposed wall on the US-Mexico border is more symbol than substance – just like Reagan's Star Wars program.

US election

US midterm elections: the houses divided

Although the Republicans retained control of the Senate, indications are that it's the Democrats who'll prove the bigger winners.


US midterm elections: the mess that trails Donald Trump is likely to leave the houses divided

US President Donald Trump’s job remains secure, but the electoral fates of many of his congressional allies are at stake.


Traditional masculinity is evolving – and young working-class men are leading the charge

Traditional masculinity is evolving, and young working-class men are leading the charge, despite the toxic attitudes of powerful men such as Donald Trump.


Financial illiteracy and the perils of the credit debt trap

The credit debt trap is a honey pot for financial institutions, and that becomes a problem mostly for the poor, says John Vaz.


US and North Korea – for the President, nothing trumps Trump

The US President's actions show he's more concerned with stroking his ego than pursuing his nation's best interests.


Beyond bogan: what happened to Australia’s working class?

Once seen as shapers of national identity, these days they're thought of as little more than disadvantaged. What changed?


A denuclearised Korean peninsula? Not quite yet

North Korea's leadership will never relinquish all of its nuclear capacity and the United States is dreaming if it thinks it will, writes Andy Jackson.


Confirmation bias: I believe, therefore it's true

Stirring controversy can lead to a reinforcement of deep-seated values, and hinder progress.