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Australian building industry revolutionises the way it designs, manufactures and delivers for customers

Monash University is part of a $28 million funding bid as part of an initiative set to transform how buildings are manufactured in Australia.

Industry & partnerships

Koos control: The man who made the Apollo 11 Moon landing possible

Ultimately, the most famous step in history may never have been taken if it wasn’t for a mission simulation 15 days earlier.


New vegetation map to help Victoria manage bushfires and floods

Monash University researchers have developed Australia's first high-resolution vegetation map, focused on the state of Victoria.

Engineering & technology
Monash University news

Australian paper industry gets bio-overhaul thanks to new research hub

Monash University has launched the Australian Research Council (ARC) Hub for Processing Advance Lignocelluosics into Advance Materials.

Food waste, waste vegetables

Turning food waste into sustainable profit

We love our food, but waste an extraordinary amount of it. Now, research is looking at how repurposing this waste food biomass can be turned into profit.

Plastic into fuel 1

Waste not, want not: a home-grown plan to turn plastic and tyres into fuel

With China no longer accepting Australian waste, an innovative home-grown solution is planned to turn plastic and used tyres into fuel.


Mining engineering graduates in short supply

Despite the shrinking pool of mining engineering graduates, the industry is crying out for new talent.


Green chemistry founder joins Monash Science

Eminent American chemist Professor John C Warner has joined Monash Science as an adjunct Professor.


Monash University and Victoria launch world’s first Building code for modular construction

A strategic partnership of Monash University, the Victorian Government, Engineers Australia and industry has delivered the world’s first Modular Code of Construction Handbook for industry best practice.

Engineering & technology