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Drug decriminalisation: time is right for action on UN commitment

In the wake of the UN's groundbreaking drug policy commitment, the time is right for drug laws reform.


Sex, drugs and research: review probes the world of ‘chemsex’

The dark side of the drug subculture among men who have sex with men has been well-documented. Now, research is looking at the practice in an evidence-based way, and to identify solutions.


Of mice and men: why animal trial results don’t always translate to humans

Throughout the era of modern medicine, animals have been used extensively to develop and test therapies before they are tested in humans. Virtually every medical therapy in use today

Medicine & health
Christian and Reza

Study points to new approach to battling infections

An international study led by researchers at Monash University’ Biomedicine Discovery Institute (BDI) has shone light on the way the Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) hijacks the communication

Medicine & health
Kim Jacobson

How HIV’s evasion tactics could help fight the flu

One vaccine. Lifetime immunity. This is the goal for thousands of researchers tackling one of the world’s most evasive pathogens – human immunodeficiency virus (HIV).

Medicine & health
Remote and poor Australians at greater risk of infectious disease

Remote and poor Australians at greater risk of infectious disease

A unique 21-year study of more than 2.4 million cases of infectious disease across Australia reveals a major social divide where being poorer, living remotely or being an Indigenous Australian means having an increased risk of sexually

Medicine & health