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The future is driverless: Monash Motorsport - the home of Australia's first student-built, fully autonomous race car

Monash Motorsport students are pushing the boundaries of automotive technology, creating Australia's first student-built, driverless race car.

Engineering & technology

Kneeding a break: First evidence ACL injuries an overuse failure

Repetitive knee stress and a lack of rest are major causes of ACL failure according to new research by the University of Michigan and Monash University.

Engineering & technology

ACL injury 'epidemic': research reveals repetition's role in breakdown

New research shows that, rather than single-force events, most ACL injuries are the result of continued-use damage that hasn’t repaired quickly enough.


The evolution of mothers and babies in our earliest ancestors

A new study reveals the lives of human ancestors who died millions of years ago.

global healthcare

Preparing the health sector for the global climate emergency

Work is under way on how to best teach our future health workforce about environmental sustainability and its impacts.


Tony Capon appointed Director of Monash Sustainable Development Institute

Monash University is pleased to announce the appointment of Professor Anthony (Tony) Capon as Director of the Monash Sustainable Development Institute

University news
MOYJIL - Why is this a special Place

Moyjil mystery: Victorian site could force a 120,000-year rethink on Australian history

A Victorian site could hold the key to proving people lived in Australia 120,000 years ago, twice as long as first thought.


Over-exposed: Monash and Federal Police launch lab to tackle abhorrent material

Monash and the Australian Federal Police launch new initiative to help officers cope with abhorrent content as part of investigations.

Engineering & technology

Consumers splash cash with ethical mind and heart

Consumers today prefer - and are prepared to pay more for - products that use sustainable or recycled materials, new research by Monash Business School reveals.