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Monash appoints Rebecca Forgasz to new role at Australian Centre for Jewish Civilisation

Monash University is pleased to announce the appointment of Monash alumna and former director and CEO of the Jewish Museum of Australia, Rebecca Forgasz, as Associate

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The William Cooper Indigenous Scholarship celebrates spirit of humanity and activism in Australia's Jewish and Indigenous communities

The Gandel family has donated $1 million to provide comprehensive scholarships for two Indigenous Australians starting their degrees at Monash every year.

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Susan Carland article

Islam and feminism are not mutually exclusive and faith can be an important liberator

Islam is not unique in having theological interpretations that centre on men. Christian, Jewish and Buddhist women (and men) have grappled with the overt and covert sexism within their own sacred texts and traditions in numerous ways.

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Tess Ikonomou

Monash Journalism graduate wins coveted Quill award

Monash Journalism graduate and ABC journalist, Tess Ikonomou, has won Student Journalist of the Year in the coveted Melbourne Press Club Quill awards on Friday night.

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Australians more alarmed about state of politics than impact of migration and minorities, survey finds

There is no shortage of expert commentary on current shifts in public opinion, understood as a revolt against political elites.

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