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Mental health leader and women's advocate recognised with Queen's Birthday honour

More than 90 of our most notable alumni, staff, former staff and friends have been recognised in the annual Queen's Birthday Honours list,

University news
Fish bowl

Drugs in our waterways, the bugs and beyond

New research shows that medicines have found their way into Melbourne streams – and the creatures that live in them.


Who will keep predatory science journals at bay now that Jeffrey Beall’s blog is gone?

For aficionados of bad science, the blog of University of Colorado librarian Jeffrey Beall was essential reading. Beall’s blog charted the murky world of predatory and vanity academic publishers, many of which charge excessive fees for


Explainer: we can learn a lot from the changing night sky

You cannot feel or hear the world turning. It does not rumble through space. But you can see it turn with your own eyes every day and night. And, with patience, you can see Earth travel around the Sun.

Michael Brown

How to quickly spot dodgy science

I haven’t got time for science, or at least not all of it. I cannot read 19,000 astrophysics papers every year. No way. And I have little patience for bad science, which gets more media attention than it deserves.

Asthma and COPD

Asthma and chronic lung disease study to reduce impact of virus infection in patients

Reducing the impact of virus infections in patients with asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and other chronic inflammatory lung diseases is the focus of a collaborative research project involving

Medicine & health
Michael Brown

Trump has embraced pseudoscience and its deceptive tactics in a post-truth world

As a scientist, I expect the Trump presidency to have a curious familiarity.

Why? Because the relentless stream of falsehoods and character attacks of Trump’s campaign mainstreamed disinformation tactics that biologists, immunologists


Janis Joplin and Sharon Jones add a feminist beat to the Melbourne Film Festival

Two of the twelve music documentaries featured in the Melbourne International Film Festival’s Backbeat program this year are about iconic female blues singers: Janis Joplin and Sharon Jones.

Arts & culture

'Young, Black and Politicised' Black Lives Matter activist comes to Australia

African-American activist Tory Russell is in Australia this week as a guest speaker at Monash University’s annual Castan Centre for Human Rights Law Conference, held in Melbourne on Friday 22 July 2016.