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Women's health: shining a light on PCOS

It affects about one in seven women of childbearing age, yet there are no public health campaigns or celebrities raising it as an issue.


Risky drinking among men: alcohol's role in social interaction

Young men's alcohol consumption is radically out of touch with recommended health guidelines.


America's opioid epidemic is starting to hit Australia's shores

The drug epidemic that's claimed thousands of lives in the US is swiftly becoming a threat to the health of many Australians.


Understanding consciousness in the human brain

An interdisciplinary project aims to unlock one of the world's greatest mysteries, and potentially advance our understanding of machine learning.


Fulbright scholar aiming for personalised treatment for cerebral palsy

Associate Professor Michael Fahey from Monash University’s School of Clinical Sciences at Monash Health (SCS), has been awarded a prestigious Fulbright scholarship to better understand the neurology and genetics in people affected by

University news
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Stem cell treatment hope for babies with chronic lung disease

An innovative stem cell trial offers hope in treating premature babies born with chronic lung disease.


An aspirin a day of no benefit for fit and healthy elderly, study finds

Low-dose aspirin has no benefit in prolonging a life free of disability, or substantially reducing the risk of having a first heart attack or stroke, study finds.

Lab workers

Driving success: out of the car and into the pharmacy

The curtain has come down on the Victorian auto industry, but former workers are finding opportunities in the booming pharmaceuticals and medical technology sector.


Bioethics, infectious diseases and the battle between good and evil

Sometimes, improving public health can mean infringing on people’s rights and compromising their interests.