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Monash University news

Change of ownership for Monash South Africa

Monash South Africa (MSA), a joint venture between Laureate Education Inc. and Monash University, has been sold to The Independent Institute of Education (The IIE).

University news

The Australian flag: is it high time for a rethink?

With the Australian flag increasingly seen as a fashion statement rather than what it's supposed to represent, is it time for a rethink?


Change of ownership for Monash South Africa

Monash South Africa (MSA) is to be sold to The Independent Institute of Education (The IIE), South Africa’s largest private higher education provider.

University news

Bioethics, infectious diseases and the battle between good and evil

Sometimes, improving public health can mean infringing on people’s rights and compromising their interests.


The fight to keep it real: ABC cuts another blow to independent journalism

Further cuts to the ABC, suppression orders and anti-terror and surveillance laws are making it increasingly difficult for independent journalism to thrive.


Abuse or just an accident? Decoding skeletal trauma in children

It’s confronting work, but research into paediatric skeletal trauma will leave the courts better-informed when ruling on child abuse cases.


The PROTIC project: how mobile phones are changing the lives of Bangladeshi women

A collaboration with Oxfam is radically improving the lives of women in rural communities in Bangladesh through mobile phone technology.


It's 2050: Melbourne has hit Day Zero and run out of water

Suppose Melbourne reaches its own Day Zero and is without water. How would we have reached that point, and how would we respond?

The Lancet reports low back pain as a global health issue

Global burden of low back pain – a consequence of medical negligence and misinformation

A series of groundbreaking papers warns that low back pain is a major health burden globally, and that current treatments are unnecessary and harmful.

Medicine & health