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Creating order from disorder: uncovering the origins of protein evolution

There is no life without enzymes. But how did the evolution of these complex molecules get going more than three billion years ago? We describe a new mechanism that may help to understand how order is created from disorder, and the starting points


Understanding consciousness in the human brain

An interdisciplinary project aims to unlock one of the world's greatest mysteries, and potentially advance our understanding of machine learning.


Experts available over the Festive season

Monash University has several experts available for comment on a range of topics relating to the festive season, politics and security; bushfires road safety, gambling and more.

University news

Ultra-low energy devices at the flick of a switch

Researchers at Monash University are one step closer to providing a global solution to minimising the energy wasted by modern telecommunications and computing – simply by the flick of a switch.

Monash University news

Opioid epidemic has reached Australia: study

Monash University research has found that 1.9 million Australian adults begin taking prescription opioids every year.

Medicine & health
Gallery Hill

An outdoor gallery that began in the Ice Age

Rock carvings dating back tens of thousands of years provide a window into the deep prehistory of indigenous Australia.

Fish bowl

Drugs in our waterways, the bugs and beyond

New research shows that medicines have found their way into Melbourne streams – and the creatures that live in them.


Visual snow: It's like seeing life through a static TV screen

People who suffer from visual snow syndrome don’t see crisp, clear images; they see them with tiny fuzzy dots in constant motion, like a badly-tuned TV set.


Parents switch off around kids: study

New research by Monash University shows Australian parents are becoming glued to their mobile devices and depriving children of vital development opportunities.

Learning & teaching