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MOYJIL - Why is this a special Place

Moyjil mystery: Victorian site could force a 120,000-year rethink on Australian history

A Victorian site could hold the key to proving people lived in Australia 120,000 years ago, twice as long as first thought.


The PROTIC project: how mobile phones are changing the lives of Bangladeshi women

A collaboration with Oxfam is radically improving the lives of women in rural communities in Bangladesh through mobile phone technology.


How shopping centres are changing to fight online shopping

Even before the arrival of Amazon, online shopping is devastating Australian retail. In the past year, sales in physical stores grew only 3% while online shopping grew almost 10%.

Arts & culture

Seeing the coloured light: bee brains open way for better cameras

New research into the way that honeybees see colour could pave the way for more accurate cameras in phones, drones and robots.

Leishmania test 2

Monash-led collaboration lands A$1 million to tackle deadly disease

A coalition of researchers from Monash University, the University of Melbourne and The Indian Institute of Chemical Biology has been awarded A$1 million in research funding to develop a new treatment for the disease Leishmaniasis.

Medicine & health

World-first research sheds light on the origin of the baleen whale

Monash University scientists have played a key role in discovering the origin of filter feeding in baleen whales – the largest animal known to have ever existed.


World-first scientific discovery uncovered at a Melbourne beach

The popular Middle Park beach is under the international spotlight following a world-first study by Monash University chemists who have discovered how sand ‘holds its breath’.