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Measuring gravitational waves could reveal thousands of black holes

The background hum of space could reveal hidden black holes

Monash University scientists have developed a new technique expected to reveal thousands of previously hidden black holes.


Gravitational Waves wins 2017 Nobel Prize for Physics

In an outstanding achievement recognising the work on Gravitational Waves, the 2017 Nobel Prize for Physics has been awarded to three American physicists for their leading roles in the first detection of the waves.


Monash University researchers uncover new Gravitational Waves characteristics

Monash University researchers have identified a new concept – ‘orphan memory’ - which changes the current thinking around gravitational waves.

Eric Thrane

Astronomical discoveries that are truly out of this world

On June 15, 2016, three months after the first ever detection of gravitational waves from a merger of two black holes, ripples in the fabric of spacetime were detected for the second time by both of the twin Laser Interferometer