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Fearless Girl should provide the spark to inspire more female engineers

The message of empowerment and equality needs to be widely embraced in the engineering profession.


Busting the gender stereotype of what a scientist 'looks like'

Times have changed, but the gendered stereotype that scientists are predominantly serious, professional, white men is one that persists.


Meat beefs up men's sexual motivation: study

New research by Monash University shows the humble cut of red meat could help men achieve their dating goals.


Monash journalism students set benchmark, winning six Ossie Awards

Monash University students have set the benchmark in national journalism awards after winning six categories and four high commendations in the 2018 Ossie Awards.

Arts & culture

Change of ownership for Monash South Africa

Monash South Africa (MSA) is to be sold to The Independent Institute of Education (The IIE), South Africa’s largest private higher education provider.

University news
Blue plastic bottles

Fighting plastic pollution and making plastic fantastic

A Dutch design student's idea to repurpose plastics on a small scale has become an initiative that's spawned a growing global community.


Bioethics, infectious diseases and the battle between good and evil

Sometimes, improving public health can mean infringing on people’s rights and compromising their interests.


Monash University leads study of undergraduate degrees in vocational institutions in Australia

A landmark study led by The Faculty of Education at Monash University has secured funding from the Australian Research Council for a project called Vocational Institutions, Undergraduate Degrees.

Learning & teaching

Monash journalism students win five Ossie Awards

Monash University journalism students have performed strongly in the 2017 Ossie Awards, winning five categories and three high commendations.

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