What to expect

Benefits for students

Students living on-campus at Monash enjoy a range of social and academic advantages. A non-residential college (NRC) aims to provide these benefits to students living off-campus. Some of the benefits of an enhanced student engagement and experience include:

  • social engagement and support
  • leadership and mentoring from senior students and college support teams
  • access to a range of programs including social, sporting, academic and cultural.

In a recent survey of non-residential college members, the results reveal:

  • 85% participated in social, cultural and academic programs
  • 70% felt their non-residential college experience had enhanced their learning
  • 80% would recommend non-residential colleges to new students.

How the colleges work

There are three colleges at Caulfield campus (Pegasus, Phoenix and Auriga), one college across Caulfield and Parkville (Lupa), three at Clayton campus (Orion, Centaurus and Ursa) and Aquila College at Peninsula campus. Each college has 250 student members, about 20 college advisors (higher-year students acting as mentors) In addition each college has three academic and professional staff in leadership positions.

College support teams

College head and deputy college heads: These are honorary positions filled by professional or academic staff who have a strong commitment to student engagement and support. College and deputy heads attend and participate in a range of college events, providing college members and advisors with leadership and insight into university life.

College coordinator: This role is filled by a full-time staff member responsible for coordinating a range of academic, social and recreational activities and programs.

College advisors (CA): Senior students volunteer to be college advisors, and provide mentoring and support for groups of 12-15 college members. Your college advisor will keep in touch through social media and email, group gatherings and college-wide events.

Getting involved

What students are saying

"The college has given me a medium to make new friends, indulge in new experiences and partake in creating a warm and welcoming community. I am so glad I took the opportunity to join and thereby lead in Centaurus College." Jono – undergraduate Engineering

"Centaurus College has given me the opportunity to be more involved in the campus environment. I know more people from different cultures with distinct viewpoints about our world. I enjoy being part of this organisation that is helping me to be a better person in our society" Bruno – undergraduate Science

"I really enjoyed my year in the college. Everything has been amazing and wonderful. Everyone is like a family to each other and it gives me the feeling of home away from home." Andrea – postgraduate Arts

"I found the college events and activities interesting and useful. During these events, my college advisor helped me get accustomed to local life. The events provided me with an enriching experience that extends beyond lecture slides and textbooks!" Wes – undergraduate BusEco