Centaurus College heads

College Head

Lynette Pretorius - College Head

Dr Lynette Pretorius

Dr. Lynette Pretorius is the Academic Language Advisor for the Faculty of Education at Monash University. She works with both undergraduate and postgraduate students to improve their academic language proficiency and literacy skills. Lynette has qualifications in Medicine, Science, Education and Counselling and her research interests include experiential learning, self-efficacy, doctoral education, curriculum design, heart failure, and atrial fibrillation.

In her spare time, Lynette enjoys reading, dancing, and playing with her dog. She also loves science-fiction television shows (particularly the Star Trek franchise) and enjoys sport (particularly athletics and cricket). Having moved to Australia just before commencing university, Lynette understands the importance of having a strong sense of community to provide support during tertiary studies. She has a strong interest in developing students' personal literacy and confidence in order to help them succeed at university and in their future careers.

Lynette is proud to be part of the Centaurus College and looks forward to getting to know the new members who join the Centaurus community.

Deputy College Head

Ros McFarlane - Deputy College Head

Dr Ros McFarlane

Dr. Ros McFarlane is the English Connect Program Coordinator with Campus Community Division at Monash University. She coordinates programs relating to English language proficiency and cross-cultural competency for students at Clayton, Caulfield, Parkville and Peninsula. Her doctorate topic was Asian Australian poetry and representations of water.

In her spare time Ros loves writing poetry, which she has published in journals around Australia and internationally. She also loves receiving suggestions for new poets to read! She enjoys travelling and meeting new people whenever she goes somewhere new. Having studied in another country and in a language other than English, Ros understands the importance of having a supportive academic and social environment at university, as well as all the opportunities international education can offer.

Ros is really looking forward to meeting everyone in Centaurus College and being part of the vibrant community!

Deputy College Head

Ramesh Rajan - Deputy College Head

Professor Ramesh Rajan

As a Professor in Physiology, Ramesh chose his career path because his father did not approve his preferred career path as a beach bum. Ramesh is currently researching neural substrates of brain injury, how the brain encodes information about voice of speakers and how brain disorders affect speech processing.

His favourite place in the world is the lighthouse at Cape Naturaliste in Western Australia as provides total peace and quiet. His favourite place to eat is the Campus Centre as he gets to eat all the unhealthy fried foods that he can't get at home.

Ramesh believes that it's important to leave an air of mystery and mystique about one's self in the ether. Failing that, say nothing - or plead the 5th amendment.

Ramesh is a two time recipient of the MSA Teaching Awards. In 2014, he was awarded the Innovation in Teaching Award for his use of creative, engaging and innovative tools to educate students. In 2015, he was awarded the Above and Beyond Award going beyond the call of duty as a teacher to provide an  outstanding learning experience for students.