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College Head

Louise Broadbent - College Head

Louise Broadbent

As a Student Experience Officer for the Faculty of Education, Louise works across the Clayton, Berwick and Peninsula campuses, helping students to feel supported and connected to our vibrant and caring community from the day they enrol.

Her first job was waitressing at the Khan Mongolian BBQ restaurant in Frankston, and her worst job was delivering water bills on foot in hilly suburbs in the middle of a summer heatwave. Her favourite restaurant is her local Indian restaurant, Bombay Club in Ormond.

She loves travelling, but couldn't choose a favourite place-how can you compare standout locations like the temples of Angkor Wat in Cambodia or vineyards of the Coonawarra with the magic of Harry Potter World in Florida?

The best piece of advice she has ever received is: "Start as you wish to continue." It helps her to "jump in with both feet" when tackling anything new.

Deputy College Head

Allie Ford - Deputy College Head

Allie Ford

Allie has been a Learning Skills Adviser at the Peninsula campus since 2002, and was previously a research assistant at the Open University in the UK. Her favourite thing about the role is helping students and seeing how someone who is struggling can do really well once they understand university expectations and work on developing their skills.

Originally, she wanted to be an archaeologist, then somehow ended up studying astrophysics and chemistry, doing a PhD in astrophysics and teaching science at university before making the move to Learning Skills Adviser. There have been ups and downs to every job she's done, and she says that the trick is to learn from them and move on when the time is right.

Her favourite place is Snowdonia in Wales, and her favourite restaurants are anywhere with good vegan food that she doesn't have to cook!

The best piece of advice she has ever received is: Be present. Whenever possible keep your attention in the present, rather than worrying about what can't be changed or hasn't happened yet. Take time to smell the roses.

Deputy College Head

Andrew Connor - Deputy College Head

Andrew Connor

Dr Andrew Connor is a lecturer in Ancient Cultures, and has been at Monash since July 2015. Before coming to Monash, he worked at the University of Cincinnati and at Xavier University.

He has loved history since he was very young, and the opportunity to both teach and research is hard to beat. Introducing students to the cultures, events, and great ideas from the ancient world is a true pleasure and more than makes up for the less glamorous parts of the job (marking exams, e.g.). Meanwhile, he gets to study texts-from personal letters to government records-that have not been read by another human being in two thousand years.

He is a papyrologist, which means he primarily works with ancient documents written on sheets of papyrus and preserved in the sands of Egypt. His favourite place to eat is the incomparable Quatman Café in scenic Norwood, Ohio. He feels that the best advice he's ever been given is a little prosaic, so he offers this: Cavafy's Ithaka is a good place to start. Marcus Aurelius does have some nice lines about getting out of bed in the morning, though.