Orion College heads

College Head

Louise Broadbent - College Head

Louise Broadbent

As Senior Student Experience Officer for the Faculty of Education, Louise works across the Clayton and Peninsula campuses, helping students to feel supported and connected to our vibrant and caring community from the day they enrol. She hopes to cultivate that same welcoming atmosphere in Orion College.

Louise lived in England, Australia, Japan and Malaysia as a child, changing schools seven times. She finally spent five years in a row in Melbourne when she attended years 11 and 12 at boarding school and three years living on campus during her Bachelor of Science degree.

Across her career, Louise has worked in sales, marketing, quality systems auditing, decluttering, project management, document writing and editing. At Monash, Louise was awarded the Vice-Chancellor's Award for Exceptional Performance in 2016. She has also held the volunteer role of President as Gifted Support Network for the past ten years.

Her first job was waitressing at the Khan Mongolian BBQ restaurant in Frankston, and her worst job was delivering water bills on foot in hilly suburbs in the middle of a summer heatwave. Her favourite restaurant is her local Indian restaurant, Bombay Club in Ormond.

She loves travelling, but couldn't choose a favourite place - how can you compare standout locations like the temples of Angkor Wat in Cambodia or the Great Ocean Road with the magic of Harry Potter World in Florida?

Deputy College Head

Allie Ford - Deputy College Head

Allie Ford

Allie has worked at Monash since 2002, in various roles from lecturer to Learning Skills Adviser. She currently works in the faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences developing online educational resources and helping new academic staff develop their teaching skills. Originally she wanted to be an archaeologist, then somehow ended up studying astrophysics and chemistry, doing a PhD in astrophysics and teaching science at university. She still doesn't know what she wants to be when she grows up!

Allie loves helping people at work and beyond. In her spare time she's a first aider and first-aid trainer for St John Ambulance, and can often be found volunteering at Her Majesty's Theatre.

Her favourite place is Snowdonia in North Wales and her favourite restaurants are anywhere with good vegan food that she doesn't have to cook. (Anywhere with good vegan chocolate comes a close second!).

The best piece of advice she has ever received is: be present. Whenever possible keep your attention in the present rather than worrying about what can't be changed or hasn't happened yet. Take time to smell the roses".

Deputy College Head

Andrew Connor - Deputy College Head

Andrew Connor

Dr. Andrew Connor is a lecturer in Ancient History in the Faculty of Arts. He teaches a range of exciting units on ancient Greece, Rome, and Egypt. Andrew grew up in Appalachian Ohio, in an area where horse-drawn buggies were a familiar sight (rather than the sunny beaches of a place like Melbourne). He (like many) went away to university and very much benefited from the communities that one finds and forms in the course of undergraduate life. Both as an undergraduate and during his PhD work, Andrew studied abroad (in Scotland and Greece) and so understands very well by now the experience of moving to a new country, learning a new academic system, and so on.

Andrew teaches in Arts, and is perfectly happy to tell you what you can do with a degree in that. His own work looks (mostly) at documents written on papyrus in Greek from the Roman period in Egypt, focusing on how Egyptian religion funded itself and how it did (or didn't) get along with the Roman imperial government.

Since moving to Australia, Andrew had the good taste and refinement to follow the Port Melbourne Football Club, and consequently enjoyed the 2017 season very much. He is also an avid collector of Australian slang and is trying to visit as much of country Victoria as possible.