Ursa College heads

College Head

Dr Ross Booth - College Head

Dr Ross Booth

Born in Melbourne, Ross Booth grew up on a fruit farm in Northern Victoria, showing signs of his leadership skills and passion for sport early on both as School Captain at Numurkah High School and in Numurkah Football Club's Premiership. He completed his Bachelor of Economics (Honours) at Monash University before taking a gap year to explore Europe and complete traineeships in Poland and Norway. Ross went on to complete his Master of Economics at La Trobe University before becoming a Tutor in Regional and Urban Economics at Melbourne University and Tutor/Senior Tutor in Economics at Monash.

Ross Booth's other pursuits have included teaching at Melbourne Grammar, commentating VFL football for ABC TV and Cricket for ABC Radio (where he also took on a role as Sports Producer), writing for the Sunday Age as a VFL football columnist, and joining the pre-season at Richmond Football Club. Ross is a Life Member of the Victorian Amateur Football Association (VAFA) and enjoys getting involved with VAFA teams the Monash Blues and University Blacks.

His love of sport has continued to shine through, resulting in a PhD in Sports Economics at Monash University, and the formation of the first Sports Economics unit in Australia at the University. Ross is currently the Course Director for the Bachelor of Commerce at Monash University, as well as an Academic Coordinator for Business & Economics students Work Integrated Learning. Ross has acted as Deputy Head for Centaurus College in the past and will continue as Head of Ursa College for the third year in 2018.

Deputy College Head

Romney Adams - Deputy College Head

Romney Adams

When Romney moved from the Mornington Peninsula to Melbourne, she happily declared she'd never travel more than 1 1/2 hours for work again...but five months later, when an opportunity came up that she couldn't refuse, she ended up doing just that! Passion for your industry compels you to do strange things sometimes. Romney is a Librarian at Monash University, where she's worked for the last four years - having completed her Bachelor and Master degrees through Monash too.

As a Librarian, Romney has worked with students and academic staff across all of Monash's ten Faculties, and she loves the diversity, opportunities, and challenges that she's faced with each day - no two are alike.

Drawing, baking, gardening, and yes - reading, all keep the creative fires burning for Romney. The good thing about being a Librarian is that in many ways, this creativity intersects with her role, so she can enjoy the best of both worlds!

Deputy College Head

Dr Chris Thompson - College Head

Dr Chris Thompson

Chris Thompson is currently the Associate Dean (Education) in the Faculty of Science, and a Senior Lecturer in Chemistry, but he didn't always know it would work out that way. As an undergraduate, Chris did a BSc/BA double degree, studying Chinese language, history and culture, and an assortment of different science subjects. For some time he thought he was going to be a diplomat, or engage in international trade, and that the science was just something to keep him interested. For a while he lost interest in uni altogether, dropped out, and played in a band.

Over time, he fell back in love with studying, specifically Chemistry, eventually going on to complete a PhD studying molecules from our atmosphere and from space. Along the way, after having to start lecturing undergraduates, he discovered his real passion was in education. These days his research is in science education, where he co-leads the Chemistry Education Research Group.