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College Head

Ross Booth - College Head

Ross Booth

You'd never know that Ross' first job was picking fruit and driving a forklift if you met him. Ross Booth works as the Course Director for the Bachelor of Commerce degree and has worked with Monash since the late 80's. His favourite part of his job is meeting students. Prior to that, he worked at Melbourne Grammar School as a teacher and he also used to work on the ABC as a sports commentator covering the Victorian Football League.

His favourite place in the world is Hawaii, what with the beautiful scenery and relaxed atmosphere. Ross' restaurant of choice is Vung Tau on Victoria Street.

Ross is passionate about the Economics of Competitive Balance in Professional Sport and the best advice he's received is "Be yourself and do what you want to do!"

Deputy College Head

Romney Adams - Deputy College Head

Romney Adams

As a Learning Skills Adviser with the Hargrave Andrew Library, Romney sums up her role as communicating the driest and most important skills to students in the most creative way possible. Her first job was as a junior shelver at Somerville Library. After completing her Bachelor of Arts (with Honours) in History, she undertook a Masters in Information systems.

Romney's favourite place in the world is Scotland. On her travels, she also spent one and a half hours late at night determined to find her hostel in Salzburg without a cab. Her favourite place to eat is Carlton's D.O.C. Pizza & Mozzarella Bar due to the simple ingredients and maximum cheesy goodness.

Romney is currently working with the Faculties of IT and Engineering to create a Moodle site that empowers students with awareness and understanding of Academic Integrity. She is also passionate about the future of Librarianship as a profession and co-written a paper which she will be presenting at a conference in 2016.

The best advice she has received is this: Before you agree to take part in a project or opportunity, know two things: What your contribution will be, and how it will benefit the project; and what experiences and value you will be able to take away once the project is completed.

Deputy College Head

Chris Thompson - College Head

Chris Thompson

Chris is the Associate Dean of Education for the Science Faculty, which means not only does he love science, but he's passionate about how we teach it. Coming from a background of chemistry, Chris has been teaching with Monash for nine years. He loves interacting with students and making lectures interesting and enjoyable.

Chris' favourite place in the world is Mongkok in Hong Kong - for the food, markets and the nightlife. His favourite place to eat is Centre Noodle, downstairs in the Campus Centre as they do a satay that reminds him of Hong Kong. His first job was working at a stationery store, and his worst job? Being a mascot for the Collingwood Football Club.

Chris is currently working on the 'Representations' project which gets students to sketch how they see atoms and molecules which they map against correct ideas and misconceptions.