OHS Physician


Occupational Health Physician and Chief Medical Officer for Monash University
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Occupational Medicine inclusive of health and wellbeing.

The effects of work on health, and conversely health on work, has expanded and nowadays includes employee wellbeing in the workplace, capturing the opportunity to improve personal health behaviours whilst at work.

At Monash, the Occupational Health and Wellbeing Team comprises myself, Occupational Health Nurse Consultants, a Wellbeing Coordinator and a Wellbeing Advisor.

We cover all Monash Campuses in Australia and provide an as needs advice to international campuses.


During my time in the specialty of Occupational Medicine, I have had experience in small to large organisations including 12 years at Unilever (Australia) and 2 years in staff health at Dundee University, Scotland.


Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, Master of Health

Specialised Expertise:

Occupational Medicine is a medical specialty which focuses on the effect of work on health and conversely health on work.
The Occupational Health Team provides advice and assistance with a range of workplace hazards (chemical, physical, biological and psychosocial), the associated risks of exposure to such hazards, and how these may cause an adverse impact on health, such as injury or illness. At Monash there are a wide range of workplace settings which have inherent task and human ergonomic requirements.

Wellbeing at Monash provides a positive healthy staff experience and offers a range of benefits and programs to staff covering physical health, mental health, nutrition and general health.