Biosafety officers

Role and responsibilities

  • advise, inform and instruct staff and students on the local use, storage, transport and disposal of biological substances including OGTR and quarantine requirements
  • assist in local induction of new staff and students with regards to Biosafety, OGTR and quarantine matters
  • inform staff and students of immunisation requirements and procedure
  • serve as a local source of expertise regarding Biosafety, OGTR and quarantine requirements including licensing, certification of facilities and classification of activities under the relevant legislation and standards
  • monitor local area compliance with biosafety, OGTR and quarantine requirements
  • liaise with the university's Research Compliance Officer, OH&S, local OHS committee, Head of academic/administrative unit in matters relating to biosafety, OGTR and quarantine
  • respond to and investigate all biosafety incidents occurring within the area and develop corrective action plans
  • report any breach of compliance to the Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC) and OH&S

Training needs

List of Biosafety officers

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