First aiders and first aid coordinators

First Aid Coordinators:

It is the responsibility of the First Aid co-ordinator to:

  • notify area First Aiders of the requirement to be immunised against Hepatitis B;
  • act as focal point for communication between First Aiders in the work area and OH&S;
  • complete first aid assessment of the unit;
  • allocate specific duties to First Aiders;
  • ensure that first aid kits, supplies and equipment are maintained;
  • monitor the record keeping associated with First Aid kits, supplies and equipment;
  • liaise the local OHS committee and OH&S on First Aid matters;
  • ensure First Aiders have Hepatitis B vaccinations and current training qualifications;
  • adhere to the specific requirements and responsibilities for First Aid Coordinators, as noted in the Monash University First Aid Procedure.

First Aiders:

It is the responsibility of the First Aiders to:

  • complete or have completed, a Hepatitis B immunisation course. Seroconversion to Hepatitis B needs to be obtained. This requirement applies to all new First Aiders and First Aiders renewing their First Aid training who act as First Aiders
  • attend training as required. This includes an annual CPR update;
  • provide First Aid as needed, always working within their level of competence;
  • arrange prompt and appropriate referral as required;
  • record all treatment (however minor) on the First Aid Injury Report;
  • encourage staff who have had an occupational injury/illness to complete the online Hazard and Incident Report in S.A.R.A.H;
  • access information from an SOS bracelet or similar in order to attend to a casualty;
  • keep information on casualties confidential apart from reporting requirements and giving relevant information to medical staff;
  • maintain First Aid facilities; including First Aid equipment, checking and restocking of First Aid kits, as delegated or if there is no First Aid coordinator for the area;
  • report any deficiencies in the First Aid service to their First Aid co-ordinator.

Please note that OH&S does not keep a central record of First Aiders.  Lists of First Aiders must be retained and made available locally.

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