Vice-Chancellor's Excellence Awards for OHS

Applications are now open to Monash University staff for the "Vice-Chancellor's Excellence Awards for OHS".

For the first time, this year the Awards will be integrated with the University’s Vice-Chancellor’s Staff Awards, managed by Talent and Leadership Development.

As in previous years, the OHS Awards will be awarded to both a team and an individual who can demonstrate that they have implemented innovative and exciting ideas in Occupational Health, Safety and Wellbeing at Monash University.

Additionally, this year there will be a new Award in memory of our much loved, admired, talented, and missed colleague, Helen Powell, Occupational Health Nurse Consultant.  This Award will be presented to a successful applicant who meets the criteria in the category of occupational health.


Your application must include supporting evidence to demonstrate innovation in one or more of the following:

  • The successful implementation of an innovative occupational health and/or safety strategy or program that has resulted in improvements within your work area;
  • An occupational health and/or safety initiative that has resulted in a significant reduction in incident/injury rates;
  • The fostering of a positive occupational health and/or safety culture;
  • The promotion of an occupational health and/or safety initiative in your workplace.

Nomination Close

Nominations have now closed.