Monash University OHS Committee


Members are chosen from a variety of campuses and work groups. This is to ensure that decisions consider the needs and views of all staff and students, and are sensitive to the diversity of the University's teaching, research and support activities. Members include:

  • chair, a nominee of the Vice-Chancellor (normally a deputy vice-chancellor or a dean)
  • senior academic staff (deans, heads of academic/administrative units and controlled entities)
  • senior professional management staff (divisional directors, directors, managers)
  • academic staff
  • professional staff
  • employee representatives

A single alternate should be nominated by each committee member in the instance that they are unable to attend.

In attendance:

  • Director, Business Support
  • Representative from the OH&S Unit
  • Postgraduate student representative
  • Undergraduate student representative
  • NTEU representative


The term of office of each of the members is three years, renewable at the discretion of the Chairperson.

Executive Secretary

The Manager Health, Safety & Wellbeing (OH&S) will be the Executive Officer to the Committee.

Sub-Committees of Monash University OHS Committee

The following are sub-committees that advise and report to the Committee: