Monash leading the way in workplace health and wellbeing

Healthy Together Achievment Program

In March 2017, Monash University achieved four out of the five criterions of the Healthy Toether Achievement Program. The Achievement Program is a framework recognised by the Victorian Government. It is based on the World Health Organizations Healthy Workplace Model and acknowledges health promoting workplaces and supports an organisation’s position as an employer of choice.

The four areas Monash received recognition were under the following areas: Physical Activity, Tabacco Smoking, Mental Health and Wellbeing and Alcohol. Under each criterion the Achievement Program addressed key elements regarding:

  • The organisations culture and how it promotes positive mental health, physical activity, responsible alcohol consumption and promotion of a smoke-free environment.
  • The physical environment of the organisation and whether it fosters and promotes physical activity positive mental health, smoke-free environment and responsible alcohol consumption
  • Policies and procedures in place and resources and opportunities to improve physical activity, mental health programs, increasing knowledge around responsible alcohol consumption and support for quitting smoking.
  • Collaboration with the wider community to promote physical activity, mental health and wellbeing, smoke-free environment and responsible alcohol consumption

Work is currently taking place to fulfil the last criterion of Nutrition under the Achievement Program

2016 Global Healthy Workplace Awards

In June 2016, Monash University won the 2016 Global Healthy Workplace Award in recognition of its healthy workplace programs, and contribution to workplace health.ghw award winner logo

Now in its fourth year, it is the only international awards program dedicated solely to the recognition of healthy practices and programs in the workplace.The awards recognise those workplaces that have made the biggest impact on the health and wellbeing of their workforce. Monash Universitywoninthelargeemployercategoryagainstotherfinalists Hospital Alemão Oswaldo Cruz, Brazil and Johnson & Johnson, Brazil.

Speaking after the awards ceremony in Washington DC, Monash University’s Occupational Health Physician, Dr Vicki Ashton, said the award adds to the University’s national and international reputation as an employer of choice.

“We are delighted and honoured by the Global Healthy Workplace Award. It is tremendous recognition for Monash as a university that knows a healthy workplace directly contributes to an engaged, productive and healthy workforce. The breadth and diversity of our Wellbeing at Monash programs, whichcoverthefourpillarsofphysicalhealth,mentalhealth,nutritionandgeneralhealth,wasrecognisedbythepanelasworldleading,” Dr Ashton said.

Major successes under the Wellbeing at Monash program include: the 10,000 Steps Challenge; targeted Staff Wellbeing Activity Programs (SWAP) that provide tailored physical activity classes; health risk reduction programs for cholesterol, diabetes, blood pressure, nutrition and stress; education programsformentalhealthandmindfulness;andtheintroductionofasmoke-freeUniversityin2016,withfullyfundedquitsupportprogramsfor both staff and students.

(Applications were reviewed against the World Health Organisation (WHO) healthy workplace framework and model for action).

2013 Global Healthy Workplace Awards

In March 2013, Monash was announced as a runner-up in the 2013 Global Healthy Workplace Awards.

The awards, which are closely aligned with the World Health Organization (WHO) Healthy Workplace Framework and Model for Action,bringstogetherleadersinglobalhealthandwellbeingfromdiversefieldscoveringemployers,practitioners,academics,policymakersandthemediato explore:ghw award winner logo

  • The importance of employer health programs
  • Global trends in workplace health and future challenges
  • Emerging better practices and sector innovations
  • Opportunities to replicate successful initiatives around the world.

Dr Vicki Ashton, Occupational Health and Wellbeing Physician, OHS says it is well-deserved recognition for the resources the University continues to make available to improve the physical and mental health and wellbeing of employees.

"Participating in this awards program has allowed us to assess and evaluate our Wellbeing at Monash Program against WHO standards for a healthy and safe workplace," Dr Ashton said.

"The range of programs, resources and policies are delivered collaboratively across the University by a team of dedicated occupational health and wellbeing professionals in OHS, Campus Community, Monash Sport and HR. Being recognised as a runner-up in the large enterprises category has confirmed thattheUniversityisprovidingnotonlyanindustryleadingprograminAustralia,butalsoworldwide."

When judging the awards, key criteria evaluated included:

  • Leadership support and integration
  • Worker involvement
  • Follow continuous improvement cycle
  • Innovative
  • Sustainability
  • Replicability

The judging panel comprised judges from Europe, Africa, Singapore, Asia Pacific, North America and South America.

2011 HR Awards and finalist at 2012 awards

The Wellbeing at Monash Program was selected as the winnerof the Best Health and Wellbeing Strategy at the 2011 Australian HR Awardsand as afinalist at the 2012 awards best health and wellbeing strategy award

The award recognises excellence in the area of corporate health and wellbeing.

When judging this category, key criteria evaluated included:

  • tailored flexible working arrangements in the context of balancing business needs with employee needs
  • demonstrable outcomes for the business and employees, such as impact upon absenteeism, productivity and engagement
  • delivery of internal communication strategies relating to corporate health and wellbeing
  • evidence that initiatives are aligned to the needs and expectations of employees.

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