10,000 breaths challenge

The 10,000 breaths challenge is an opportunity for you to learn to develop a routine in practicing meditation. This month we are going to challenge you to complete the highest duration of mediation. 10,000 breaths is equivalent to 11.1 hours of mediation.

How to participate

  1. Register for the challenge
  2. Practice your meditation:
    1. We will be offering weekly meditation on zoom at 1:15-1:45pm AEST to help guide you along the way through this challenge.
    2. If you are unable to make the meditation scheduled during the day you can practice your own meditation by downloading the following apps on your mobile phone
      • Smiling Mind
      • Insight Timer
      • Calm
  3. Keep a log of how many minutes/hours of meditation you complete. The above apps can log your duration each session.
  4. On Monday 31 May you will be notified to log you total amount of hours.


A prize will be awarded to registered participants who completed the most amount of hours in the month.