HealthSmart EarthSmart

Monash has developed the HealthSmart/EarthSmart Program so you can now make a healthy and environmentally sustainable choice when you order catering or buy food from outlets on campus. healthsmart image

The HealthSmart logo on a menu means the item is a healthier food choice, and;

  • has no added fat, salt and sugar
  • mainly consists of healthier food options (fruits, vegetables, wholegrain

    cereals, lean meat or fish, fat-free or low fat dairy products).

The EarthSmart logo on a menu means the item is an environmentally sustainable food choice, as well as being good for you. It will be HealthSmart, not include bottled water, and be one of the following:

  • vegan or vegetarian
  • sustainably caught fish by being Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certified
  • made from certified organic, biodynamic or free-range ingredients
  • use local, seasonal ingredients.

EarthSmart items should be provided on reusable crockery and tableware to reduce waste.

Promoting HealthSmart, EarthSmart

If you order at least one HealthSmart or EarthSmart item for your next event, you can use the logo on your invitations. Email to receive the logo.

How to order healthier catering at Monash

Download the Nutritious and Delicious - Healthier Catering brochure (pdf 970kb)for a full list of healthier catering suggestions.

Healthy eating and nutrition resources at Monash