Ordering Guide

How much to order?

Determining the quantity of catering to order can be difficult due to the wide variety of portion sizes across most food categories – such as bread which can range from standard sandwich slices through to extra thick ‘café style’ fruit toast.

As a general guide, we recommend serving:Rice Paper Rolls

  • One sandwich or wrap per person
  • One cup of green leafy or raw salad vegetables or half a cup of cooked vegetables per person
  • One serve of fruit per person. A single serve is either one medium sized apple, pear or banana, or two small pieces like apricots, plums or kiwis.
  • 40g (two slices) of cheese

Tips for ordering drinks

A few quick tips to make ordering healthy drinks easy:Water

  • Water and sparkling water are in the Green category, so feel free to order up. You can also offer water flavoured with fruit, herbs and vegetables; e.g. sparkling water with lemon and mint.
  • All 100% fruit juices and diet soft drinks are Amber.
  • All drinks sweetened with sugar are Red. This includes full-sugar soft drinks, flavoured mineral waters, fruit drinks, fruit juices (<99% fruit juice) and alcohol.

If you really want to serve a sweet drink, try ordering one jug of juice to every three jugs of sparkling water. That way people can pour their own juice and top up with sparkling water.


All of these caterers offer consolidated invoicing - simply provide your details and cost centre and fund when ordering and they'll do the rest!