Staff Wellbeing Activity Program (SWAP) Nutrition and Food Preparation Course

Together with Be Active Sleep Eat (BASE), we run seminars with food samples as a Staff Wellbeing and Activity Program (SWAP).

Types of programs available

The below programs can be offered as a one hour seminar. Please note fees do apply for the below programs. If you would like a food samples to be provided to your program,please add this in your initial request.

Requests can be placed on the online form

1. Portion sizes; how to recognise how much food our body needs
There is a science behind what makes a serving size, and an art in knowing how much you should eat. In this session you will explore how a serving size is determined and how this may have changed over the years. You will also practice valuable skills in determining how much food is enough for you at any given meal.

2. Healthy diets vs fad diets; how to spot the difference
We have survived the grapefruit diet, the cabbage soup diet, the blood type diet, the atkins diet, the raw food diet.......and it just doesn't seem to end as new diets keep appearing. So, how do you tell a fad diet from a great eating plan? During this session you will come up with you own fad diet and learn what it is that makes it a fad. We will look at diet plans that actually have good evidence behind them and discuss ways that you can incorporate elements of these into your own meal pattern. This will be a myth busting session so feel free to bring all the questions you have about any and all of the diets you have seen.

3. Sustainable food; how to care for ourselves and the environment
Current methods of food production are contributing to global warming, and the changes we can make to reduce this impact may actually be of benefit to our health. In the spirit of the Monash University Environmental Sustainability tagline of "do one thing" we will look at small changes we can all make to our current eating to reduce our environmental impact. We will also look at how these strategies may impact on our own health.

4. Gut health; care for it and it will care for you
Evidence showing the impact of our gut bacteria on overall health and wellbeing continues to emerge. In this session we will explore how this might occur and what dietary strategies we can use to optimise the health of our gut and ourselves.

More information

Participation in SWAP programs contributes to your Faculty/Division Wellbeing Key Performance Indicators (KPI) aiming for 30% participation annually.

Contact for enquiries

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Telephone: 990 51021 or 990 20856