Staff Wellbeing Activity Program (SWAP) Nurtition and Food Prepration Course

Together with Be Active Sleep Eat (BASE), we run seminars and cooking demostrations as a Staff Wellbeing and Activity Program (SWAP).

SWAP provides opportunities for staff groups to get active in a group activity. Our aim is to help you improve staff wellbeing, productivity and morale through low-cost programs targeted at all ages and fitness levels.  

Types of programs available

The below programs can be offered as a one hour seminar. Please note fees do apply for the below programs. If you would like a food preparation component to your program,please add this in your intial request.

Requests can be placed on the online form

  • Incorporating more fruit vegetables and legumes
  • The value of grains and carbohydrates
  • Dairy or dairy alternatives and calcium in your diet
  • Fats and oils: the benefits and issues
  • Packed lunch ideas for the workplace
  • Packed lunches for school kids
  • Easy family meals incorporating the Australian Guide to Healthy Eating
  • Label reading: which packaged foods can be good for you
  • Cholesterol management
  • Diabetes management
  • Menu planning and shopping list development for busy families
  • Weight management: low fat/low kilojoule cooking
  • Portion sizes for a healthy weight (discussion and demonstration)
  • Snack foods and the Australian Guide to Healthy Eating

More information

Participation in SWAP programs contributes to your Faculty/Division Wellbeing Key Performance Indicators (KPI) aiming for 30% participation annually.

Contact for enquiries

Wellbeing at Monash
Occupational Health and Safety
Telephone: 990 51021 or 990 20856