Labelling of Decanted Chemicals - OHS Information Sheet

May 2021

The following is guidance on the requirements for the labelling of decanted chemicals at Monash University. All chemical labels must meet the requirements under the Globally Harmonised System (GHS)

These are the minimum requirements for the labelling of decanted chemicals.

Chemical labels in Chemwatch (D-Gen module)

Chemwatch can be used to generate a GHS compliant chemical label for decanted chemicals. Custom labels can be generated using the D-Gen Lab module in Chemwatch.

A D-Gen Module training package is available in the eLearning module in Chemwatch. Labels for custom mixtures containing Hazardous Substances or Dangerous Goods can be generated using the Credo module in Chemwatch.

Small Containers

If containers cannot be labelled in this fashion due to their size, then a reference number should be attached to the container. This reference number should correspond to a reference document that is accessible in the lab that contains the list of chemicals and their hazards.

Time sensitive chemicals

Chemicals that are time sensitive should have the date the chemical was decanted and the date of expiry on the label. Stock chemicals should be labelled with the date the container was received.


  • In the absence of GHS labelling, Australian Dangerous Goods (ADG) class labels may be used.
  • Containers that are to be used immediately during an experiment do not require labelling.