Pets on campus

October 2019

Pets brought onto any Monash campus grounds must be restrained at all times. If your pet causes a nuisance or shows aggressive behaviour, it will be banned from the campus grounds.

The University does not allow pets inside buildings.


The following animals are exempt from the building entry provision:

  • Guide dogs and guide dogs in training;
  • Accredited Assistance/Therapy dogs;
  • Animals used in approved research projects;
  • Animals used in theatrical performances.

Dog owners

If you bring a dog on campus you must:

  • Keep them on a lead no longer than 1.5 metres;
  • Carry a bag or have other means of cleaning up and removing your pet's waste.

Activities and Events

On campus events and activities involving pets must have appropriate Risk Management in place that considers the following:

  • Suitability of the environment;
  • Animal allergies;
  • Any fear/anxiety of animals;
  • Temperament of the animal;
  • General health of the animal;
  • Supervision arrangements;
  • Emergency and First Aid response.