Chemwatch Chemical Register

Monash University Chemical Register in Chemwatch

1.    Background

As part of establishing the Monash University Hazardous Chemical Register in Chemwatch, a prescribed folder structure has been implemented across all Australian campuses as set out in the Chemwatch Procedure. This will ensure:

  • Consistent location based folder structure is used to manage chemical inventory;
  • Improved oversight of chemicals stored in local areas;
  • Multitier reporting for individual storage locations;
  • Provision of a readily accessible location specific chemical manifest;
  • Ready access to electronic Safety Data Sheets for locally stored materials;
  • Accurate information for mandatory Worksafe Dangerous Goods notification and building specific manifest;
  • Mandatory placarding and signage requirements for buildings and campuses are maintained.

To support the University Chemical Register, a multitier administration structure was established. The administration roles include:

  • OHS Administrators (Level 1);
  • Domain Administrators (Level 2);
  • Local Administrators (Level 3).

1.1  OHS Administrators (Level 1)

OHS Admins are members of the OH&S team who are responsible for setting up high level administrative folders (e.g. Campus, Building, Floor levels), assigning Domain Administrator Roles and their access privileges.

1.2  Domain Administrators (Level 2)

Heads of Academic/Administrative Units must ensure that Domain Administrators are appointed for their area. The Domain Administrators are responsible for:

  • Establishing the local administrative folder structure;
  • Setting up Local Administrator accounts and assigning access to their folders.

A list of Domain Administrators is available on the Chemwatch page. Please inform the OHS Administrators of any new appointments or changes to the current Domain Administrators.

1.3  Local Administrators (Level 3)

Local Administrators are typically laboratory/workshop supervisors, group leaders, senior or experienced laboratory/workshop personnel who are tasked with overseeing chemical management in their own area. Local Administrators are responsible for creating and maintaining their local chemical register.

2.    Responsibilities

Domain Administrators are responsible for:

  1. Identifying rooms and their occupants and any shared chemical storage locations within or attached to their buildings (e.g. gas cages, chemical stores, walk-in fridges/freezers);
  2. Setting up corresponding administrative folders in Chemwatch.

Local Administrators are responsible for:

  • Setting up storage folders in their Chemwatch register to match the actual chemical storage arrangments in their area;
  • Labelling the physical storage locations in their area to match the names of the storage folders in their Chemwatch register (e.g. Shelf A, Flammables Cabinet 1, Cupboard – Dyes).
  • Compiling a chemical register for their area using the Chemwatch Manifest Template whilst ensuring that the following details are included in the template:
    • Storage locations match their folder structure in Chemwatch;
    • Name of the chemical is recorded as it appears on the label and the SDS;
    • Name of the supplier, manufacturer or importer;
    • Maximum and the current quantity stored in the specified location and relevant units of measure;
    • For containers that are not full, the actual container capacity must be counted as the maximum quantity.
    • For gas cylinders, the volumes must be recorded as per the water capacity of the gas cylinder in litres or kilograms. Refer to the Gas Cylinder Sizes and Water Capacities guidelines.

3.    Archived Chemwatch manifests

All past records in Chemwatch that did not meet the prescribed folder structure were archived. If you require access to the archived records, please contact the OHS Administrators.

4.    Training

Users unfamiliar with Chemwatch can complete the online “Chemwatch SDS and Chemical Register application” training in myDevelopment.

All Chemwatch Administrators are required to complete the online "Chemwatch Monash Administrators" training in myDevelopment.

Additional training resources can be accessed in Chemwatch Gold FFx eLearning module.

5.    Help and Resources

Refer to the Setting up a folder structure in Chemwatch guidance document to assist with establishing a compliant folder structure in Chemwatch or contact OHS Administrators -; T:990 51016