Defibrillator Locations

Last updated: November 2020

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Caulfield Campus

Map: Defibrillator locations at Caulfield



Building H, Level 5, Rm H5.102 (Faculty of Arts office)



Building B412, opposite meeting room B443

Heather Tyas


Centre for Health EconomicsBuilding H, Level 5, Rm H5.109 (Admin space)Clare Austin20370
eSolutionsBuilding F, Level 5, in the corridor near stairs Joseph Dinh34437 or 0400896387
Health ServicesBuilding B, Caulfield Health Services, Treatment RoomHealth Services Nurse32851
LibraryBuilding A, The Information Point, Level 1, LibraryDavid Horne32441
SecurityBuilding T, Level 1, Rm 145A, Security OfficeDarren Carli32211
Social WorkBuilding C, Level 4, Rm C4.28 in the kitchenSusan Baidawi31064
SportBuilding S, Level 1, Opposite Service Desk - GymJeremy O'Halloran32564

Clayton Campus

Map: Defibrillator locations at Clayton

Administration A34 Exhibition Walk, Ground floor receptionMonash Security27777

Biomedical Sciences

19-23 Innovation Walk (Core Building 76-77), Level 1 & 2 (near lifts)

John Peavey


39 Rainforest Walk (Bldg 13B), Level 1Dorota Ferens55945
Buildings & Property Division30 Research Way (Bldg 56), Level 1, on wall opposite lunchroomJennifer Tyres20368
Campus Centre21 Chancellors Walk (Bldg 10) Campus Centre, near Monash Connect
Lowan Sist51668
Chancellery27 Chancellors Walk (Bldg 96), Ground floor foyerTerry Adams
Wayne Kelly
Margot Colquitt
Earth, Atmosphere and Environment (EAE)9 Rainforest Walk (Bldg 28), Ground floor foyer, near stairs and pathway to Mathematics LabsLeigh Burgess50828
Electrical Engineering16 Alliance Lane (Bldg 35), Level 1, Rm 108, Staff roomDaryl Gaspero52447
Engineering22 Alliance Lane (Bldg 69), Ground floor foyer, opposite lift

Ian Wheeler

Daniel Curtis                 Kris Wirthensohn

50001 or 0400491817 0428778490 54940

Engineering Precinct17 Alliance Lane (Bldg 37), Ground Floor Breezeway, Opposite Rm G03Jill Crisfield
Kim Phu

Halls of Residence

58 College Way (Bldg 47), Ground floor reception, Operations office

Jason Whitaker56200
38 College Walk (Bldg 87), Ground floor reception, PS03 corridor, on wall next to G17 kitchen
Hargrave Andrew Library13 College Walk (Bldg 30), Level 1, Rm 121, behind Information PointDavid Smith-Chitty52631
Indigenous Engagement Unit10 Ancora Imparo Way (Bldg 55), FoyerAngela Estcourt 24972
Law15 Ancora Imparo Way (Bldg 12), Level 3, Main StairwellTom Crawford38524
Law Clinics60 Beddoe Avenue (Bldg 160), Ground Floor,  Rm G12, beside entry doorKay Jamieson20137
Law Library15 Ancora Imparo Way (Bldg 12), Level 1, Rm 114A, behind Information PointPeter Blackwell51590
Learning and Teaching Building (LTB)19 Ancora Imparo Way (Bldg 92), Ground floor, near bus loop revolving doorMargaret Rendell51060
Matheson Library40 Exhibition Walk (Bldg 4), Ground floor, Rm G08, beside return chutesMarlon Manguilin52667 or 0409356738
Mechanical Engineering17 College Walk (Bldg 31), Ground floor, corridor near room G05Russell Bowey
Beng Oh
Medicine/Physiology26 Innovation Walk (Bldg 13F), Ground floor, near Rm FG01Leo Lui
Jeffrey Wright


43 Rainforest Walk (Bldg 64) Ground floor, Foyer of South 1 Lecture Theatre, wall outside kitchen servery window

Ruth Castledine     Delphine D'Ambra

27 Rainforest Walk, Ground floor office, Rm G04


20 Chancellors Walk (Building 11)

·  Level 2, Foyer beside Room N202

·  Level 5, Foyer beside Room N502

·  Level 8, Foyer beside Room N802

Emily Dobell55241
Monash Biomedicine Discovery Institute7 Ancora Imparo Way (Bldg 93), BLTB, Level 1Barbara Smith52524
Monash Sport

42 Scenic Boulevard (Building 1)

·  Main Venue, Reception (corridor opposite reception desk)

·  Pool First Aid Room, Rm G10

·  Health and Fitness Centre, Rm G112, affixed to wall outside office

Amanda Carlson
Geoff Scott

51075   51075

Monash Sustainable Development Institute (MSDI)8 Scenic Boulevard (Bldg 74), Ground Floor, Rm G11Sue Pepper
Shirin Malek Pour
Monash University Accident Research Centre (MUARC)21 Alliance Lane (Bldg 70), FoyerCasey Rampollard55703
New Horizons20 Research Way (Bldg 82), Ground floor foyer, Western entranceIan Wheeler0400491817
Performing Arts55 Scenic Boulevard (Bldg 68), Ground floor, FoyerKarl Willebrant59044 or
The Ian Potter Centre for Performing Arts
48 Exhibition Walk (Bldg 7)
Maria Karanikas
Ian Harris
Robert Blackwood Hall
49 Scenic Boulevard (Bldg 2), Lower level foyer, opposite the First Aid cupboard next to the ladies toilets
Maria Karanikas
Ian Harris
Science Precinct19 Rainforest Walk (Bldg 19,) First floor, opposite Chemistry receptionPaul Blaich59963
SecuritySecurity Office
29 Ancora Imparo Way (Bldg 6), reception
Graham Hatcher

51181 or 0401776105

Security Patrol Vehicle (Seniors CCTV Vehicle)
Turner Institute for Brain and Mental Health18 Innovation Walk (Bldg 17), Level 4, Lift lobbyLyn Cyrill53939 or
University Health Service (UHS)21 Chancellors Walk (Bldg 10) Campus Centre, in UHS Clinic
Health Services Nurse53189
World Mosquito Program12 Innovation Walk (Bldg 53), Ground Floor, Rm G-PS02 Office Corridor, on wall outside of G02 Meeting RoomReynold Dias56363


Map: Defibrillator locations at Parkville

PharmacyManning Building (Bldg 403), Ground floor, opposite CL Butchers Pharmacy LibraryElizabeth Stock39532


Map: Defibrillator locations at Peninsula

George Jenkins TheatreGeorge Jenkins Theatre, Level 1 Stairs and Lift, North Entry
Carlos Gonzales44169
LibraryBuilding L, Level 1, Rm L1.25, Information Point, on right hand side at library entryDavid Jakovincic47181
Monash SportBuilding W, Level 1, Rm W1.05, First Aid RoomShane Adams44496 
Hockey Pavilion (Building 657), left side underneath TV mounted on wallShane Adams44496
ParamedicineBuilding H, 1st Floor, Rm H102, FoyerCarlos Garcia Gonzales44169
SecurityBuilding C, Level 1, Security OfficeAllan Howell44108
University Health ServicesBuilding U, Level 1, Rm U1.39, Treatment RoomCampus Nurse44259

Hospitals and off-campus

Alfred Hospital Campus 553 St Kilda Road, Melbourne
·  Ground floor, Main reception, corridor outside Rm G10 (turn right after main reception)
·  Level 2, lift foyer area, corridor outside Rm 227 eSolutions Storeroom (diagonally opposite lifts, to the left as exiting the lift)
·  Level 3, lift foyer area (diagonally opposite lifts, to the left as exiting the lift)
Tony Trapani 30034
Central Clinical School
99 Commercial Road, Melbourne
Alfred Centre, Level 6
Rachael Borg 0419625846 or 9903 0804
Central Clinical School
99 Commercial Road, Melbourne
Monash AMREP Building, Level 1, Reception
Bonnie Dopheide 0427542439
Burnet Institute
85 Commercial Road, Melbourne, Ground floor
Reception 9282 2111
Be Active Sleep Eat (BASE) 264 Ferntree Gully Road, Notting Hill, First floor

Maxine Bonham

Kay Nguo



Law 555 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne (Bldg 273), Level 1, Stairwell Tom Crawford 38524
Monash Animal Research Platform (MARP) Churchill campus Northways Road, Churchill (Bldg 736), Front office, Rm AS102 Graham Shillito 5122 7652
Monash Biomedical Imaging (MBI) 770 Blackburn Rd (Bldg 220), 1st Floor, Foyer Janelle Redding 29752
Monash Centre for Health Research and Implementation (MCHRI) 43-51 Kanooka Grove, Clayton (Bldg 262), Ground floor, Reception Eveline Jona 8572 2636
Monash Centre for Nanofabrication (MCN) 151 Wellington Rd, Clayton (Bldg 222), Ground floor, Reception Sean Langelier 24100
Monash HR 211 Wellington Road, Mulgrave (Bldg 226), Ground floor, Behind Reception desk Maggie Kavanagh 29450
Monash Psychology Centre 1/270 Ferntree Gully Road, Notting Hill, Foyer PS01 Emily Oosthuizen 24480
Monash University Business Park 700 Blackburn Rd (Bldg 203), Ground floor, Reception Doris Casse 20646
710 Blackburn Rd (Bldg 202), Main entry foyer off Martin Street Sunil Kumar 55842
738 Blackburn Rd (Bldg 205), Level 1 stairs landing next to mailboxes Doris Casse 20646