Machinery and Equipment

Training in the use of machinery and equipment must be provided to all users of that machinery and equipment (including contract staff) and must also be provided for new machinery and equipment all users including existing staff, students and contractors. Please note that trade qualifications do not exempt the need for localised training on machinery and equipment. Experts with specific knowledge may provide training in the use of machinery and equipment to those in the work area.

In addition to specific training on machinery and equipment supervisors must provide induction to new staff, students visitors and contractors in the work area, this must include:

  1. the location of SWI's and risk assessments for the machinery/equipment and processes where the machinery/equipment is used in the area
  2. the use and location of personal protective and emergency equipment
  3. emergency procedures for the safe shutdown of the machinery/equipment.

Training records must be kept by the departments for both local induction and training on machinery, equipment and associated processes.