Influenza Immunisation

Get Vaccinated against Influenza!

Flu season is here!  Commonly known as ‘the flu’, influenza is a highly contagious disease that can be serious, debilitating and affect the whole body. Influenza Vaccination is the most important measure we have to prevent influenza and its complications.

This year's Quadrivalent vaccine provides protection from 4 strains of influenza virus (2 strains of Influenza A and 2 strains of Influenza B).

Who can get immunised?

The Monash flu vaccination program, facilitated by Health Watch Australia, has concluded.

If you are an eligible staff member or student and you missed out, you can book your flu vaccination with University Health Services (UHS). UHS provides flu vaccination to all staff and students at competitive prices.  Prior to booking, speak to your flu vaccination coordinator or Manager/Supervisor to check if your department will fund or reimburse associated costs.

Please email if you have any questions.

Some facts about the flu!

  • Influenza is a potentially fatal disease that is estimated to cause more deaths than accidents on roads
  • Between 5% and 20% of the Australian population may be infected with influenza each year
  • Vaccination is the single most effective way of protecting yourself against influenza infection
  • Hand washing, covering your cough or sneeze as well as practising personal hygiene, such as trying not to touch your mouth or nose are also important preventative measures
  • Follow these healthy habits to avoid influenza