NOTE:  Paper-based Hazard and Incident report forms are no longer accepted.

The Safety And Risk Analysis Hub (S.A.R.A.H.), is the University's online reporting tool and provides staff and students with a user-friendly way to report occupational health and safety (OHS) related hazards and incidents.

The S.A.R.A.H. reporting tool helps to ensure that all hazards, incidents and near misses involving Monash University staff, students, visitors and contractors are reported, investigated and recorded in accordance with Victorian OHS legislation and Monash University's Hazard and Incident reporting, investigation and recording procedure.

How to report an OHS Hazard or Incident

Guidance Material

What should be reported?

OHS Hazards that could pose a risk to:

  • a person's health or safety, including instances of unsafe work practice
  • the environment (e.g. air, water, land)

OHS Incidents such as:

  • Work-related injuries, illnesses and near misses to staff, students, contractors and visitors
  • Allegations by staff being subjected to unacceptable behaviour

For Supervisors and Managers

Supervisors and Managers at Monash University have additional responsibility with respect to investigating and actioning hazards and incidents reported by staff under their direction.

Guidance material

If you are unable to access the reporting tool, please contact the eSolutions Service Desk.

Enquiries regarding the general use of the reporting tool should be directed to your local safety officer or Occupational Health and Safety.