Safety Officer Portal

Monash OH&S is pleased to formally announce the launch of the Safety Officer Portal - a place for Safety Officers, by Safety Officers. You can navigate to the portal by clicking the link below, or navigating to

The Safety Officer Portal is a project initiated by the Safety Officer Network Steering Committee. The main objectives of the portal are to:

  1. Formally welcome newly appointed Safety Officers;
  2. Provide specific information about the Safety Officer role, how Safety Officers assist with the management of OHS and the associated position responsibilities;
  3. Provide further education of the Monash University Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OHSMS), processes and activities frequently referred to and utilised by Safety Officers;
  4. Advertise Safety Officer networking opportunities and key events (MUOHSC meeting dates, document review periods, etc.);
  5. Enable Safety Officers to remain updated on items and initiatives coordinated by the Safety Officer Network Steering Committee;
  6. Provide opportunities for further communication, information sharing and collaboration between members of the Safety Officer community.

As part of the Portal, a specific Safety Officer Workplace discussion group has been setup to provide a platform for Safety Officer communication and collaboration. You may use the group to share ideas about solving safety issues, seek assistance from other Safety Officers that work with similar workplace hazards or request to borrow safety related equipment. Click the image below to access the Safety Officer Workplace group -

The group will be monitored and managed by Monash OH&S - should you have any access or usage issues, please consult the following resources:

Need help using Workplace?

Please note - the Portal and the associated Workplace group are resources specifically for use by Safety Officers, accessible via secured sign on. Monash OH&S will be updating the Portal content at regular intervals and will notify in the Workplace group of news, information, updates and events.

If you are a Safety Officer, but do not have access to the Safety Officer Portal/Discussion Group, please complete the "Safety Role Appointment Form".  If you have any information, suggestions, have spotted an error on the portal, have access issues or have found a broken link, please email